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Conditions of Use

General Statement

This site is operated by the HongYong Industrial Co., Ltd When You visit the website,, you agree to the terms listed below. To amend?the Terms at any time without prior notice, and any changes will be displayed on this page.

Goods and Services

The Company shall make every effort to ensure that the pages contained in prices, materials and sizes have been updated. The Company reserves the right to change the price of the goods without prior notice. All orders shall be solely at the discretion of the Company and in accordance with acceptable supply inventory. Goods and services listed in this website is only from within the Republic of China who visit the site designed. We are listed on this website can provide any goods or services to other regions or the suitability of use shall not make any statements. The goods or services listed in this website may be due to a shortage of supply at any time without prior notice to withdraw. If we believe, are set in the purchase order payment information is not reliable, we have the right to refuse the purchase order or other appropriate requirements to be paid.

Shipping and Charges

In general, requirements for different delivery area, customer provides about two to goods can be delivered within seven working days. What if the force majeure, deliveryservice will be suspended. Delivery date to be arranged again. Our delivery area is limited to the territory of the Republic of China and the outlying islands. For delivery overseas, you can email us or call Our Customer Service : (02) 2985-4935, We help you ASAP.

Return Policy

Return goods without receipts, the sale value of the goods will be used to calculate the lowest price. For replacement, please bring along the purchase of goods and produce documents to complete the formalities. Goods as a result of damage caused by improper use will not be accepted returned. If the goods can be returned without its models sold out, customers can select any other item on this site, and solely required to pay back the difference between the prices of goods. If customers find any goods received by the existing defect or damage within 7 days canbring the goods, invoices and credit cards, visit the company in exchange for the same type of goods. Third party agents will not be accepted.

Privacy Policy

Shopping on this site, you must and agree to provide relevant personal information. If the information is incomplete or incorrect, we may be unable to provide the required services. We always pass your personal information as confidential and abide by the Republic of the Personal Data Privacy contained in the collection, records maintenance and use personal data requirements. Based on this, we observe the following principles: The personal information collected only as a sale of goods, provision of related services and customer services. Take all practicable steps to ensure that personal data held is accurate, not to be used solely for illegal access and the preservation of a reasonable time.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The information contained in this website are "shows the situation when" the guidelines provide, within the scope permitted by law. We do not operate this site, its content or goods for any express or implied representations or warranties. We do not warrant that this website or sent via e-mail this site do not contain computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other harmful content. The use of this site for any damage caused, Hongyow assumes no responsibility. If the disclaimer or exclusion of individual becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severable and not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and enforcement.

Intellectual Property

Shown on this website are trademarks, service marks, product names and logos are all belonged by Horngyow. Without the written approval of Horngyow, no one may use. This site contains content and software are subject to the possession or unauthorized use of copyright protection, without the prior written approval of Horngyow may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, distributed or used for any commercial purposes.


The terms of the interpretation and use of this website and any dispute arising from the arbitration is governed by the laws of the Republic of China regulations.

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